Saturday, December 4, 2010

2nd House, 2095

OK! so last time i have post about 2094 and now im gonna talk about the "lovely" people of 2095. This time im gonan start with the ground floor.haha

XIAN YEUN(a.k.a XY), she ar...i dono wat to say la...after she had a hair cut, become leng ad lo...but i think from far la, jus kidding la, from near oso nice la...but don go too close, or else u will get hurt, mayb not by she, but from 'michealangelo'..haha

Then is AH KIT lo, he very seldom play with us except going to classes, because he always go and find his gf de...and he is very hardworking la, most of the time we don go class but he still go on his own...haha....about his ex-roommate WEI JIAN, i oni have 3 words for him, "I MISS YOU", although it is abit gay for me to say this but i stil will say it.

The upstairs we have 5 beatiful ladies and 2 guys which im not going to talk about the 2 guys bcoz i don exactly know them, sorry o...haha

First im gonna start with TZE LIN ba, she is like the big sister to the family, everything will be fine under her control and care. Sometimes when the girls are hungry, she will cook for them. Sometimes when the group are quiet she will go and make some laughther and so on so on.haha

Then is SEOW WEI. I don really know what she thinks actually. Sometimes talking to her make me pek cek ar. She tell me a long long story then she ask me do i und? then i would say i und and explain to her. Then she will say i don und. After a few session, i will begin to wanna take something and smash on her head ar!!!!!but, of coz i wont do it, bcoz she is alot "stronger" than me...hahaha

To the double room where BOBO and QING HUAN stay.erm...i don really know them very well, what i know is that QING HUAN have a really cute BF, and there is a picture of them in secondary school de, her BF smile was so innocent and cute...hahaha...and she has alot of bear bear......hahaa....really like a small girl...

And for BOBO, i think she is very "fren" with 2094's "JOJO", they 2 ar...getting high-profile recetly..haha...and she is cute cute dei de girl ba...and she has a nickname "burger-burger" bcoz her face.....looks like it...hahahah

And thats all la,oh wait!!!stil got one more, how could i forget it, i wont forget her de la...haha

She is the most lovely one, her name is MEI SIN. See her name oso know 很美了啦, 美仙 wor...hahah....recently she have a new hair cut, i think she is quiet daring, but the hair style suits her and i like it:) erm, i think she is quite matured other than her looks la, bcoz from outside she is still young and pretty...hehe...

So, thats all, bye bye!

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