Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My New Housemates

Ok, so here is it for my new post. Im goin to repaet wat i did for my foundation y1s1 classmates. Im goin to talk about my 2094 and 2095 housemates.

Im gonna start with 2094 mayb the nex post oni will be 2095. 2094 is a place for man to live. U know why?bcoz those guys who lives here have their pure manly hood.

First is YIBIN la...i knew him since i was in form 1...it has been quite a long time for us to be frens...haha..and he is talented la with his guitar...but his dota....not so la....hahahahaha...

Secondly is the 6 man group.
AH SENG who seems to be their leader, is always bullied by everyone actually. I think he is very very very noob. And recently he tries to get close to me to talk about his "private life stories". haha. Then there is this big macho guy who name is AH HAO. He like basketball and i think almost every evening he will cycle out to join the game with the other guys.

Then there is this guy who looks smart in his study but actually he likes sport as well. He is AH BOON.haha. Then there is this noob guy who is quite pro in his dance. I always ask him to teach me but until now, no lesson at all...He starts to like teasing me. He is AH YANG.

And we have this foundation guy, AH XIAN. I think he is not bad in his cooking. At least better than mine la.haha. His roommate is quite a quiet guy and his name is AH BI. So that basically makes up the first floor housemates.

On the ground floor, there is this 2 very very very noob de people, one is AH GAM one is JOSEPH. These two ar.........i sometimes really dono wat to say.........i wanna scold bad words but its not worthy......wanna say their good stuff but cant really find...so thats all la...donwan talk about them....haha...

And lastly is our lovely couple KENNY AND JENNY. erm, KENNY is a nice guy...he always be our driver fetch us here fetch us there....but sometimes, he can really make u pissed off, but its oso ok la...coz i still can tahan with it la...haha...and JENNY not bad la i can say...hahaha...

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