Sunday, December 19, 2010

Degree Year 1 Semester 2

I am very happy in this sem!!!'s another wonderful sem for me...I've done alot of crazy things and also meaningful things!!!

First of all, I've started to join event as commitee, this is my first time helping in an event which is called, Chinese Culture Week in UTAR and i've learnt alot and alot, thanks to everybody.

Second great thing is that I've got to know 2094, and 2095 de people even better in this sem. We eat together, play together and alot things la. Haha, thanks to Meisin for creating the group 2094&2095.

The craziest thing i did this sem, i think was nth ba...haha...oni one time i follow my fren go to ipoh jus for pasar malam...very swt...haha...

Haha, of coz, i think the nicest thing ever happen to me is knowing a girl. haha, i wont talk much at here, mayb leaving it for the nex post..haha

Happy ME!!!

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