Monday, December 27, 2010

What if?

What if?

What if one day u wake up and oni find that everything is jus a dream, a long long dream?

What if you never gonna get wat u wan in ur life?

What if the person u love doesn't love you?

What if the last thing u will ever wanna do on earth comes to u in ur nex step?

What if u changed to be the worst person u can ever imagine?

What if tomoro is the end of the day?

What if the person u hate love u the most?

What if???


  1. 现实生活里没那么多‘wad if’让我们去想,只有活在当下才是最快乐的…appreciate everything u hv, every experience u gained..they wil let u learn sumthing...cheers man~!

  2. agree what kit said~ and we never ever can expect what if.