Monday, June 13, 2011


Now, i feel stress and sad...

I know it will all be over soon and i will get back to my blue sky, laugh, play with frens, and enjoy my life.

But for now, im really sad. Why?

Because no one understand me...they thought i have done nothing at all, but the truth is I have try and did my best for it...I know, there is stil alot of things that i need to improve on, for example, myself...but i really put my effort for it...

I oni wish that there is someone here now!!!for me, and listen to me, and will know wat ive done all this time...

Sunday, January 23, 2011









Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Week

First Week of my Degree Y1S3

Its super awesome...haha...even better than i can imagine...GOD bless me...haha

First day, 8 am class was fun, cant belevei so many frens were in the same class and its a busy day, cause wake up at 8am and sleep at 1 am...haha...night went to yum cha with GX Boyz...haha

And then the coming days were all very awesome up alot of old frens, dinner, yum cha...or watever...

oh ya, jus first week oni, get to know some new frens le...but wanna know them even deeper so have to communicate more with them...

i hope this sem will not only be super awesome, but super busy as well, cause i donwan to waste no time at all...i wanna have a super meaningful life!!!